What You Get

When you order The VAWA Binder & CD Package, you get two critical resources to help you get in compliance with VAWA!


VAWA: Compliance, Policy & the Law

Save yourself time and headaches figuring out what your new reporting responsibilities are with this 130+ page compliance and policy guide — it also includes strategies for training your campus security authorities that you can put in place now.

Plus, you’ll learn how to create and revise policies that address VAWA’s mandate for prompt, fair, and impartial disciplinary proceedings and how to implement required judicial training.

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VAWA: Prevention & Awareness Programming

Under the Violence Against Women Act, your institution is required to provide primary prevention and awareness programs to all incoming students and new employees, as well as implement ongoing prevention strategies.

With this 110+ page programming binder, you’ll be equipped with best practices and programs from various campuses working to create a safer campus community and comply with VAWA — implement the ready-to-use tools inside immediately!

As the higher education legal landscape continues to grow in complexity, the VAWA Binder & CD Package helps you make sense of how the Violence Against Women Act intersects with the Clery Act and Title IX, ­offering steps and ready-to-use tools to help you meet the new VAWA requirements.

Click Here to Download Sample Pages from VAWA: Prevention & Awareness Programming